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About Me

Booshoo (hello). Zhaankwad Kwe dzhinikaaz minaawa Carrianne Agawa.  MichigeN n'doodem.  Wigwaaskiniga n'doonjiba.  Anishinaabe Kwe minaawa Windigo Kaan n'daaw. 

Yellow Cloud Womyn is my spririt name and Carrianne Agawa is my given one.  My clan is the turtle.  I come from the land of the birch tress but this is also known as Whitefish River First Nation (WRFN).  I am an Ojibwe womyn and a contrary. My father, Paul Jacko (ba) was an Ojibwe from WRFN and my mom Heather (ba) was english, Iroquois and german.  I grew up on the land and maintain a strong relationship with it; land grounds me and will always remind me of who I am.  

I have two adult children, 3 beautiful grandchild (noshis), have fostered many children and currently a rescued a beagle or vice versa.  My life is full of wonderful adventures; kokom (grandmother) is a new adventure that I am rocking in at the moment.

With a Masters in Education, an Honors degree in Psychology, along with many other certificates and life experiences, I skillfully infuse Indigenous and Western knowledge in the work I do and love.  

Motivational Speaker, Facilitator, Storyteller, Artist and Windigo KaaN (Contrary); I live life and refuse to let life live me.

Mi iwi (that is it); this is me.

Carrianne Agawa, BA Honors, M. Ed

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